The Slimy Effort to Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Not long ago, members of the House GOP’s hard-line Freedom Caucus drafted articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the favored villain of their “deep state” hallucinations. According to the likes of Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, they’re simply exercising their oversight responsibilities.

Forget that they only appear to be steadfastly-bound to conducting oversight when it comes to doing the White House’s bidding. Forget that the DOJ has complied with virtually all of their requests, except those that expose the subjects of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation. And also forget that the president’s most ardent congressional defenders have repeatedly leaked sensitive collusion investigation-related information on several occasions.

In short, and as the late Christopher Hitchens once said, “There you have it ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. You see how far the termites have spread, and how long and well they’ve dined.”

Meadows and Jordan, the tandem epitome of partisan henchmen. Thuggish in their behavior and boorish in their words. One can only look upon the circus they’re diligently-directing, legislative interference masqueraded as patriotism, and catch a rancid whiff of obstruction.