Tired of being forgotten by the nation’s pundits? Sick of logic and rationality being sacrificed at the altar of blind partisan ideology? Had your fill of the tribal world of political commentary, an increasingly stale zero-sum realm marked by left-versus-right binary choice?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Heitzian Polemics is the home of combative commentary. Fiercely independent, often provocative, always well-reasoned.

The mission here is simple. Aggressively give voice to the voiceless. Defend the truth, even when it’s inconvenient. Enhance the national dialogue through audacious means.

And for your perusing pleasure, Heitzian Polemics seeks to accomplish this by publishing its commentaries in four distinct formats.

Broadsides. Standard-length columns. Sharply-worded and adversarial.

Scrutiny. Long form features. Hard-hitting examinations of critically-important issues.

Pugilism. Quick takes on trending topics. Punchy, yet brief.

Musings. Unorthodox pieces of varying lengths. Lightheartedness in a sea of animus.

With all that having been said, have a look around. Stoke the boilers or find some solace, it’s entirely up to you.

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